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Trump’s China Trade War News Crashes Markets Again

Here we go again.

One week ago we were very close, believe me, to a trade deal with China. It’s gonna be the best trade deal ever. Now we’re being told such a deal is pure fantasy, very far away. After markets drop — Trump will send out Larry Kudlow to talk up the trade deal again.

This all started to fall apart after Trump fumbled with the N. Korean leader, who is a proxy for China.

Due to his perceived unpopularity, I doubt China will cede any meaningful ground to us until after the 2020 elections. Once the elections are over and the new leader is chosen, said leader will be praised as a negotiating guru for stumbling into a deal that Donald Duck could’ve brokered.

I’m already 40-45% cash, so now I’ll just sit around and wait for things to get worse, or better. Either way, it looks like traps are being laid everywhere.

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  2. cancel19

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting tired of this China on Chiners off bullshit.

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