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$BPTH Surges More Than 35% AFTER I Sold It

Honest to God — I do not feel bad about this at all. I ended up stopping out of this stock yesterday for an 8% loss. If my cost basis was better, I almost certainly would’ve held into today’s open — because that’s the play — right? The end of day rippers become next morning rippers for lotto winning lottery tickets.

I’m not mad, mind you, because I lost the right to own it. I lost the right, mind you, because my cost basis was poor and wrong.

I could’ve held and then risk a monster loss, which not only creates bad habits, but it messes up the flow of things, having to incur outsized losses.

Had I waited, literally 5 minutes, my basis would’ve been 5% lower and I would be enjoying a 38% rise right now. Instead, I am fucking blogging to you faggots, trying to convince you and also myself that I’m not mad, bro. Not mad (dot dot dot) at all.

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