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I bought HYRE right here — because I like money. With my discretionary account, I buy a lot of shit stocks — highly concentrated, woefully dangerous companies — because I can. See pal, that’s who I am and you’re nothing.

Afraid of risk…

…Fuck you go home and play with your kids.

I’m not insane you know. Seventy five percent of my money is invested quantitatively. Some of you FUCKERS already know this — but there are new readers every single day and so many of you are retarded. My risk account is deliberate and a blunt instrument of warfare, plus an avocation of mine. These small cappers I buy are maximum 5% weighted, sometimes 1% — and only increased above 5% when I’m really confident about the trade — as is the case with NUGT.

On this issue of gold…HAMMERED into the fucking ground. No worries. Those Big Ass Black Candles (BBC) have always led to higher prices in recent months. I suspect tomorrow will be another up day for gold, reducing gold bears to gum stuck on the side of a sidewalk next to a sewer cap.

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