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Non Farm Payrolls Blow Away Expectations; Fed Hikes Back on Track?

Futures are racing higher again, once again buoyed by oil — because the end of western finance as we know it failed again. We must continue to dredge on, brightly, in spite of our repeated attempts at cataclysm.

The payrolls numbers were much better than expected. Does this mean, not that the squall has passed, the Fed will reinstitute their schemes to hike rates again?

January Nonfarm Payrolls 304K vs 160K

Futures are +100, and WTI is +0.4%. Back in the old days of December — markets did not bottom on Fridays. Nowadays, they do not flag or waiver. They eagerly trade higher.

If you’re betting against stocks still, obstinately losing in the midst of a sea of win — you’re trending now, so congratulations. You will continue to lose, indefinitely, and when markets finally crack lower — you will fail to cover your shorts — due to their deep out of the money condition. In other words, what the fuck are you doing?

Clean slate and get back to work.

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  1. mad marsupial

    Possum Prognostication sticks to one in June. But Oct/Dec is on radar.

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  2. og

    Trump bragging about markets again. What a dumbass.

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