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Exiting the Trading Session Tactically Superior

It was a non-eventful day FESTOONED with zany moves in healthcare stocks. For a moment or two, I was seduced by a few, but then I quickly regained my bearings and made sure to keep my money nice and safe, in cash.

I closed out the session, 45% cash, with lots of triple downside ETFs to bet on a disaster to come. I realize this is not a high probability trade, but I’m bored and if forced to make a bet, I’d bet on lower prices.

We must acknowledge that stocks are in a bear market and this recent uptrend is nothing more than a respite. Very soon, actual centaurs will traverse the streets of Wall, kicking traders in the chest and defecating on the exchange. I will have you know, I do not intend to be around when this happens and will gladly watch it from the luxury of my own home.

Today was a sandwich say, highlighted by the fuckers on CNBC reminding everyone that stocks were ‘OFF THE LOWS.’ We’ll have these fucking indices on their backs, not before long, and the people on CNBC suffering grave injuries on live teevee soon.

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  1. irma vep

    Yes. It’ll be an overall down year for the S&P. Salvation possible if you’re an active player and have the concentration of a transplant surgeon. Your Pikers should probably consider an upgrade to Gentleman or Distinguished Gentleman depending on the risk they wish to take. Gentleman get your calculator out and figure out how much you’re risking and as always because you’re Gentlemen, act appropriately.

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      Let us know what the Super Bowl score will be and the over/under please…

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  2. it is showtime

    See my finger

    Cars — going Down
    Houses! — going Down
    Your moms knees – ass — Down!

    Stockpile your salt and pepper, lads, for down the road

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