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Fly Buys: $SND, $HCLP, $IQ, $YY, $ACB

I allocated 25% of my trading account into the names mentioned in the title. I did so because price action demanded it from me.

They are trash and underserving of my attention, but markets like them, so I am buying them.


I head out into the sun 40% cash, fully ready to charge into the market with all of it — should prices continue higher.

Remember, watch USO, HYG, SRLN to get a sense of where risk is and if you need to be long, short, or in cash.

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Good day.

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  1. it is showtime

    I said I was watching for the savior-intervention pivot
    So I wasn’t wrong whoever’s keeping score
    It is a commandeered system with programming installed
    As I started surmising {Over} 6 Years ago

    What they did was form a systemically-susceptible condition however
    Of which you and the system are now also dependent on

    Not gonna end well ! Sad !

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  2. the hungry dog

    Dr Fly, love those old time ballads my Mom & Dad use to listen to. If you ever think about it, maybe play some Glenn Miller, Anyway, Fly, I am not a day trader. I am a trend watcher. Right now I am long in 3 trends that are working well for now, never know when it might change. Silver (AGQ) MJ (TILR,CGC,ACB) & Small Caps (IWM). All up substantially and trending higher.

    Until tomorrow have a good dinner and a fine glass of wine.

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  3. jbandy

    Market seems to be ignoring the bad news—Chinese and European economic data, government shutdown/dysfunction, ugly retail sales from Macy’s and others. Makes one rethink their bearishness for sure. Remember that over the longterm—it is in EVERYONE’s interests that the financial markets go higher as they effect consumer/business confidence, retirement accounts, pensions, corporate debt default risk, etc…and most importantly, re-election for incumbant politicians. Never forget that the powers that be (central banks, politicians and policy makers) now more than ever will do whatever it takes to make the stock markets climb.

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    More importantly, what will ex-Mrs. Bezos rename her newly acquired company? Of course Amazon is out of the question.

    Or will she just take 75% of Amazon in a lump sum cash payout, the houses, cars, aircraft and no visitation rights….

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