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I’ve idled myself after selling WB and FNGU today. To be honest, I’m acting more like a complete pussy than someone with a set of stones. What I ought to be doing is buying with savage qualities. After all, markets are heading higher again and the doomsayers are on the ropes, tentatively awaiting to be executed.

By George, by 3:15pm, I will have a plan to once again allocate most of my money, to the long side. It is a wall of worry I am willing to climb.

Whatever Trump is going to say tonight is immaterial. Markets will gap higher, IF we close at the highs. The gameplan is to ensure participation by purchasing macro-ETFs or a slew of fucking stocks that correlate well to the broader indices.

It’s a dizzying panorama of degeneracy and I know it. To be an effective trader, one has to burn hot, which is why so many kill themselves by the rope or crash into walls and into gasoline charged fires. This is a poor mode of living, always on edge, pretending to be confident, when in fact we’re nothing more than servants to the prevailing trend. After all, I’d like to see stocks trade to fucking zero, but that won’t happen. Will it?

The time has come to end half measures and old man moves. “The Fly” is young again, punching off mustaches with his elbows — shattering his knuckles into the faces of those drinking chardonnay oceanside. If I lose on this bet, all of you have to cut your dicks off.

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  1. acehood

    How are the workouts going Fly?

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  2. chumpdaddy

    Everyone into the pool before they drain it.
    Myself included.

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