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This is a straightforward trade. Do you think Trump can leave Argentina with good news or not? Place your fucking bets, for your financial future might depend on it.

Futures have recovered somewhat after a representative in team Trump said he thought the President’s meeting with Xi would be a ‘success.’ Also, Fed’s Kashkari said he doesn’t think rates should go up. These are the magic bullets I’ve been telling you about. What you need to concern yourselves with is the tone of the market AFTER these bullets have been fired. Then, of course, we’d have the specter of Federal Reserve easing and another round of QE, should things really go awry. We’ll always have a bid in stocks, which is why shorting them for a long period of time is stupid.

It’s a Friday and stocks do not bottom on Friday’s, god damn it. Who in their right mind will position heavily long into this news flow? By the time Trump gets back, Mueller himself will be waiting for him with handcuffs, taking him into Federal custody.

What foolishness, what wonderful foolishness, this country is.

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  1. jbandy

    We’ll get some half-assed announcement after the G-20 from the Orange Fucker that it was a “tremendous success which the World has never seen before” thanks to his genius negotiating skills–which at best will be a short-term moratorium on further tariffs while they open formal negotiations. The Chinese will play along to stroke his pea-brained ego. Then we may rally for a few days before we get back to the reality of a weak global economy and slowdown in US corporate earnings growth.

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  2. ferd

    Anyone with access to information and to the public that is as broad and deep as that of a US president, will never go to jail.

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