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Voltron unite (ultimate cringe).

I’m long SMAR and IQ again. As a matter of fact, I fucking double sized my IQ position after watching HUYA break legs to the upside. I’ve got some golden aged thinking going on here hardcore. I’m having visions of yesterday, about a month ago, when the stocks were good and the profits were flowing freely.

Dare I say, you can never stop me again? You might’ve tricked me into oil and kicked me down a flight of stairs lined with mustard with that bastard AGMH; but you will not win while I am armed with a very high IQ. This shit is so cringe, I’m having reservations about publishing this blog post. What if my kids read this trash, or some of their friends? Why, they might get bullied in school and then I’d have to go beat up some Dads.

At any rate, the point here is I am panicking now, attempting to catch lightening in a bottle, capture a fading glory that once made me invincible.

NOTE: I also bought RPD.

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  1. it is showtime

    My company will be IPO’ing in the fall.
    The naming is and will be listed under

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