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Trump: ‘Infrastructure is Coming and It’s Coming Fast’

In a speech given today for the workers at Snap-On tools, ticker $SNA, President Trump, once again, promised a great big giant and beautiful infrastructure bill.

“Big infrastructure bill, probably use it with something else that’s a little bit harder to get approved in order to get that approved, but infrastructure is coming, and it’s coming fast.

At this stage in the political cycle, I’m inclined to mistrust and hate on everyone. Nevertheless, I’ve had a theory for a few weeks now that by bending the knee to the globalist neocon scum, Trump may, in fact, be able to get a lot of his agenda shuffled through Congress. Providing he can keep the nation at war, provide blood sacrifices for our Luciferian leaders, Trump’s presidency might be entering a ‘do nothing wrong’ phase — with both sides of Congress ceding to his caprices — fulfilling campaign pledges that are geared towards economic development.

If an infrastructure bill reality is about to happen, it might be worthwhile to revisit some of the Trump plays that have been sold off in recent weeks. Below is a short list of “Trump stocks” and their respective 1 mo returns.

SNA -5.5%
X -23%
CLF -26%
GWW -19%
CAT +1.5%
CCJ -1%
UFPI -1.7%
GRA -3.5%
TECK +1.3%
VMI -0.3%
LNN +2.6%
TRN -5.8%
BMI -2.5%
FAST -14.6%
VMC +0.3%
MLM -0.65%
USCR -13.3%
EXP -5.2%

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  1. heckler

    What kind of dollar number do you want to see out of a healthy infrastructure bill fellas?

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  2. sarcrilege

    Ain’t happening. No infrastructure. Nope. Financed with what? More debt? Unless Trump can ditch Kushner, this presidency will follow what Crooked Hitlery wanted and campaigned on. She was on the “in” with the deep state. Otherwise, it’s more war for Trump because that’s what the usual synagogue suspects that took over the presidency via Kushner, i.e. Joe Lieberman, Jack Lew and Leon Wieseltier, and the Chabad Lubavitch movement’s DC outpost led by Rabbi Levi Shemtov. “The Shul,” the Chabad synagogue want:

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  3. thinair

    I’m about to gouge my eyes out of my skull and mail them to ibankcoin po box

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