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Here We Go Again: David Tepper Takes New Position in $JCP

It appears the hedge fund world is interested in $JCP again — something of a rarity since Bill Ackman, with the help of Ron Johnson nearly destroyed the fucking store a few years ago. I find this position to be interesting, as it bets on a retarded retailer which might get flummoxed should $SHLD go bust.

Here are some of his other moves. It looks like David is betting big on pharma, which is a reasonable thing to do in light of its wretched pullback over the past year or so.

New positions in: RF (~7.34 mln shares), JCP (~5.08 mln), TEVA (~5.05 mln), PFE (~4.81 mln), MYL (~3.28 mln), MU (~3.25 mln), SUM (~1.69 mln), AAL (~1.29 mln), CMA (~1.15 mln)

Increased positions in: AGN (to ~4.26 mln shares from ~1.22 mln shares), PNC (to ~1.95 mln from ~0.61 mln), FB (to ~2.18 mln from ~1.48 mln), LUV (to ~1.19 mln from ~0.58 mln), QCOM (to ~1.4 mln from ~0.9 mln) KMI (to ~4.06 mln from ~3.65 mln),

Maintained positions in: ETP (~11.96 mln shares), WPZ (~9.49 mln shares), OC (~2.72 mln shares), GOOG (~0.48 mln shares)

Closed positions in: SYF (from ~4.16 mln shares), BAC (from ~4.14 mln), HDS (from ~2.82 mln), USFD (from ~0.62 mln), VMW (from ~0.38 mln), DVMT (from ~0.33 mln), C (from ~0.1 mln), HAIN (from ~1.02 mln), DAL (from ~0.24 mln)

Decreased positions in: GT (to ~0.24 mln shares from ~0.86 mln shares), WHR (to ~0.57 mln from ~1.16 mln), ALL (to ~2.59 mln from ~3.12 mln), YHOO (to ~1.35 mln from ~1.8 mln), AAPL (to ~0.45 mln from ~0.8 mln)

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  1. mr.wiggles

    Haha “Ron Johnson”….great name!

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  2. ericbakerbruce

    I find it odd that a grown man would pose with a dog of such small stature. Now don’t get me wrong, I am an animal lover and I understand dogs like that don’t eat much and their shit is easy to dispose of, but I think that pose with that dog is more suitable in a Zsa Zsa Gabor photo shoot.

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  3. cancel19

    I will never forget the Ron Johnson inspired JCP in store ads of gay men with adopted children for Fathers Day! Very insensitive of their clientele of old ladies clipping money saving coupons. That’s when I made money shorting the failing retailer. LOL!

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