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Asian Markets Are Mixed; European Futures are Looking Robust

The corrupt Shanghai is higher by 1.1% and the Hang Seng is up 1.5%–providing Asian investors with a calm normality–like the awkward silence after being beaten to a complete pulp.

On the loss column are the Japanese, with the NIKKEI lower by 0.3%.

DAX futures are indicating a bare knuckled punch to the jaw to short sellers, up 1.8%. S&P futures are higher by 12 and crude is up 1%.

It’s looking like a risk on session.

Year to date, the worst performing markets are: Shanghai-20%, FTSE MIB -18.7%, IBEX 35 -13% and the DAX -12%.

On the plus side: BIST 100 +3%, IDX composite +1.5%, IPC +0.65%.

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