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Danny Says, “Vote DPeezy!”

I just received the following wire from Barcelona.

“After exhaustive study and in accordance with Bilderberg protocol, the West Coast Trading Division of iBC, chair-manned by Danny, has announced its intention to endorse the candidacy of Dpeezy.

News Analysis:  Another endorsement for DPeezy.  I must say, DPeezy has collected a nice number of endorsements even if the polls are currently sliding away from him.  One must assume that Danny is dead drunk, stumbling around Spain, saying obnoxious things to pretty young ladies about his “skateboarding” abilities and such… In short, I’m not sure an endorsement coming from Europe will do much to sway the red meat eating crew that is the readership of iBC at this point.

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  1. DPeezy

    Danny is the future!

    50% tabber-endorsement. Thank you! (Surely that’s enough to go to the Supreme ‘The Fly’ Court for a ruling?)

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  2. TraderCaddy

    Are you sure the wire didn’t come from Alcatraz with the “other” San Diego State students who were arrested today?

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