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Apes Throwing Bananas At Wall Street

What a bazaar world we live in today, where Apes have truly taken over the streets– specifically Wall Street. Today was a good day for those involved with the crypto proxies, specifically $COIN & $SOFI, both of which have been supported on my blog for weeks. Today, was the day that I trimmed those positions in my swing account, taking gains, while leaving positions in longer term retirement accounts in-tact. The sales put my month to date gains at 9%, a comedy compared to my crypto gains.

Last Monday, just as we have been doing every Monday, I give tickers to watch for the week based on a particular scan in Stocklabs. Here were the picks last week: $SOFI, $SPWR, & $PROG, all of which were money makers.

Let’s see if we can repeat the same success this week with our Monday momentum scan. Members to our screening software, can save this scan HERE. Non-members have no fear, I’ve imported the screen to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

I’ll be watching for trades this week in the following:

Be sure to join us inside the Pelican Room, which is pretty much our discord stock screening server. Let’s make it a good week!

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  1. Diddy

    Heartbreaking sale of $COIN today. That one cut deep.

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