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Cathie Wood Is Home For The Holidays

First, it was Bitcoin making fresh all-time highs. Then, it was $TSLA squeezing shorts to a one trillion valuation. Now, it’s Cathie’s turn to reign supreme for the holidays– once again.

Tesla lit the EV setctor, and now just about everything in the $ARKK innovation fund looks ready to moon into turkey day. From EV’s to 3D printers to little small biotech bombs. Indeed, Christmas is coming

Monday’s momentum scan continues to grow, and we have a number of good looking charts to watch this week. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing, the entire momentum import can be found HERE.

Charts in focus this week include:


It should be a good week with many bullish setups taking form! Be sure to follow along as I trade a few of these tickers inside the mighty platform we call Stocklabs.

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  1. Diddy

    You may not be wrong about Cathie. She may have sandblasted enought of the shit out of her cunt to make another run into year end.

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