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Is It Time To $WORK? Here Are Thursday’s Movers As We Wind Down The Week

It’s been more back and forth action between the bulls and bears, with both sides putting up a good fight for control this week. There has been little on my radar in terms of high probability setups this week, and my action has been very light.

One name that popped up on my screen today was $WORK. This is a name I wanted to get long when it first came public, but the valuation was insane. Some might say at 12 billion, it is still insane, but the technical setup is worth a look here. The stock also saw a large move in the Exodus ALGO score today, tempting me even further to pull the trigger here.

Other tickers that saw a big jump in score include: JD, TSM, NAT, QSR, & KBH. Those were my favorites, today’s full screen can be found HERE.

What’s on your radar here as we wind down the year?

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A Few Charts To Shuffle Through On This Cold Starry Tuesday Night

When the penny stocks start popping up on the Exodus hybrid screen you know the market is in trouble. There is still action to be had however, specifically in Biotech. $BLUE saw a huge move in hybrid score today and closed the session well. The gold & silver miners continue to gain traction with $NG, $SA, & $HMY leading the charge today.  And, they just can’t seem to kill $SHOP, up another 6% today.

Here are the rest of Tuesday’s Algo movers, there are a few small biotech names worth an eye: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

There’s not much in terms of high probability setups here, so it’s probably better to be quicker with trades as we wrap up the year. As always, you can follow along with us, in real time, inside the Exodus chat room.

See you guys at the open….

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Gold Back On The Momentum Scan

Gold stocks & ETFs are back on the Exodus momentum screen with gold miners finding support. $GDX bounced nicely once again as it traded back down to the $26 level. As for individual names, both $GOLD & $AUY look good to go here.

Besides physical gold, vegan gold, ie. $BYND, finds its way back to the scan. And, how about the $ROKU since the last earnings report, it has been a death trap for shorts, thanks to $DIS. With holiday trade upon up, be sure to look to some of the small caps for momentum, $HEPA lands #1 on tonight screen. And, keep and eye on a Fly favorite $INMD here.

For today’s list in chart form: CLICK HERE

For Exodus Members, make sure to bookmark the momentum screen HERE.

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Early Tesla Truck Numbers Are In

Here’s the latest update from Elon himself on preorders:


Here’s the quick math on it:


I’m on the fence in regards to ordering one, as I’m sure many like myself are as well. I’m tempted to buy it as an investment and flip it once I have it in my possession. But, then maybe I get it and never want it to leave my possession. All time best launch for Tesla.

Wall Street got this wrong on Friday. Numbers have to go up. And, let’s not forget about the ATV:


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Picking Up Pennies In Front Of A Steam Roller

A saying comes to mind as I view the current market structure:

“Picking up pennies in front of a steam roller.”

We are at all-time highs, yet it feels like mini panics on every dip. Constant trade rumors to sort through and the “algos”, the machine traders, can’t handle it.

My activity has been very light this week and will continue to be as I’m heading out of town tomorrow. This is no market to be a hero, but there are great opportunities to trade it every day, and I’m sad I will be missing a potential pivotal day.

If the market shakes off weakness here, I think the opportunity lies in $FB call options as it breaks $200. If the reverse is true, and we start to break Wednesday’s low, there’s always a trade in volatility, ie. VIX, UVXY, or TVIX. Volatility will likely be the next big trade, but something tell me it may be $FB to $230 first.

$FB is still my trade of the week, especially with today’s dip. You should continue to monitor the action here.

See you guys on Friday….

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$NVDA Back On Top For Momentum Monday

That was some kind of bullish reversal for $NVDA intraday, placing it firmly on Monday’s Exodus momentum screen. I always enjoy seeing $NVDA lead, or the semis for that matter, a bullish omen indeed. $SNAP also had a nice reversal here and should be monitored here for another trade. And, how about that $UI? Monster stock.

Here are the names with momentum as we start a new week: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Some others to keep an eye on here: $LYFT, $SHOP, $BLMN

Let’s see if $FB can tag $200 tomorrow, we had some good action to start the week. See you guys at the bell…

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