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Standouts From Tonight’s Screen

The Coinbase iPO is upon us and the valuation is literally increasing in size overnight as Bitcoin breaks out to new heights. I’m not sure what to make of the $COIN iPO, simply due to the hype surrounding the name. Yes, I want to own it, but at what cost?

As we head into euphoria for bitcoiners around, I took shares of $GRNQ as it landed on our momentum scan. $LGHL also landed on the scan late in the day and popped nicely in after-hours. Keep those two small gems on watch tomorrow.

$TSLA was the standout Tuesday, and may continue to squeeze like a penny stock due to it’s pretty large stake in Bitcoin. Indeed, owning Tesla is owning Bitcoin. $XPEV also looks good from tonight’s scan (note: make sure to click symbol links for hover charts).

I also opened a new swing in $AI, as the stock appears to finally be finding a floor at the $58-59 level. As long as we hold said levels, I will let this oversold darling work. For today’s full momentum scan: CLICK HERE

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Volume Remains Light, But We Are Still Getting It Out The Muds

The Fly is on Vacation and everyone had their $YETI tumblers this morning to see him off inside Stocklabs. Nobody can beat my Yeti collection, as it is mandatory living in sportsman paradise. Here’s a live look of myself displaying the bear repellent goods:


Our momentum scanner also displayed the goods this morning, flagging both $YETI and $MUDS early on. $MUDS was a layup trade with the MLB collab news and TopShot movement still going strong. Indeed, there was a crazy amount of people waiting in line this afternoon for a pack of TopShot digital cards priced at $999. Imagine the numbers $MUDS will put up upon launch of MLB digital classic cards #tooEasy.

Other names on Monday’s momentum scan include: $BABA, $TSLA, & $NVDA, all of which look good to go here. $DGLY also popped on late with more news of civil unrest in MN. For Monday’s full scan CLICK HERE.

As for tomorrow’s trade? We’ll wait to see what the Delta screen in Stocklabs spits out (Today was $MUDS). I’d be willing to bet @Benncohen (Stocklabs newest Delta student) and I smoke tomorrow’s trade once again. For more info on our new screener and chat room: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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Credit Suisse Hwangs Self; Traders Rejoice With Buy Orders

Today felt like we bottomed in Bill Hwang’s favorite stocks. $VIAC, $GSX, and the following names below were finally let free today, free from forced selling that you could literally feel over the past few trading sessions. $GSX provided a great trade for us early in Stocklabs to get the day started green. Check out the carnage below, courtesy of Mr. Hwang and the risk management department at Credit Suisse:


Other than the usual suspects above, my $TWTR buy from yesterday is off to a great start. The stock hit our VSA scanner all day today and looks poised for a date with fresh highs. Check out the daily chart below:


Jack Dorsey’s other company, $SQ, also hit the volume scan today and looks poised to break higher (currently, no position):


The SPAC trade also came alive Tuesday as our Delta scan produced another high probability SPAC win. $MUDS was an easy trade from start to finish today as the acquisition holding company announced it will be merging with Topps Sports collectables. Naturally, this was an easy trade to take advantage of due to the NFT craze. It may have legs too, keep it on watch:


Tuesday’s full momentum scan at the close can be found HERE.

See you guys at the open…

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Momentum Monday; Where’s The Volume?

It was a low volume kind of session as we return from long three day weekend. Big percentage runners were hard to come by and the Delta scan inside Stocklabs was basically nonexistent today. Fast forward to the close and we now have a few more block trades to deal with courtesy of Credit Suisse.

The indices continue to look good which is a bit confusing given the lack of volume and overall weakness in the usual momentum stocks. It still feels like someone is positioned the wrong way, and bigly.

In today’s momentum scan there were 80+ stocks trading above average volume, while up over 2%. The scan can be found here for charts surfers: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Tickers to watch this week from scan include: $AMC, $FB, $INTC, $BB, $F, $GM, $BNGO, $UAVS, $SRNE, & $NEXT.

Monday’s scan has left me a bit underwhelmed, so I decided to buy more $IPOE in front of the SOFI merger this week. I also picked up the $TWTR bird, which gave us a nice hammer to work with.

Your guess is as good as mine this week. Let’s take it one candle at a time.

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2021 March Madness Winner: GreenMachine

The 14th annual March Madness tournament has concluded and Legacy Exodus member, @GreenMachine, has won the tournament with $OTEX. The final was a complete upset over The Mailman and $JNJ, the top seed throughout the contest. As you know $JNJ fell apart today, the last day of the tournament, on quality control issues. Congrats GreenMachine!

In other news, the soft rollout of Stocklabs is here and only available to current subscribers.  Once the bugs are worked out, The Fly will open the doors for new subs. The daily YouTube streams have also concluded with the soft launch, but we may open up a power lunch series to the public (developing…). For now, expect the trade ideas to pick back up on the blog.

Here is the final bracket for 2021: MARCH MADNESS

iBankCoin Legendary Hall of Fame:

2008 – The Fly

2009 – Wabisabi

2010 – SC

2011 – Chivo

2012 – Zephler

2013 – Rhino

2014 – Adam 

2015 – Andy Swan

2016 – PB

2017  – KY Trader

2018 – Jersey Whale

2019 — Boriscahall

2020 — BigToona

2021 — Green Machine

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The Final Four Is Set

The final four has been set four our 14th annual Stock Madness tournament, the brackets have been updated and can be viewed HERE.

The Exodus favorite, Mr. JC & his squad $STNG, look to take on The Mailman and his Covid squad, $JNJ. Do we go with tankers or Vaccines made from aborted babies here?

In the East and West, we have two legacy Exodus members gunning for the championship: Mr. GreenMachine & NaBomb. Who will it be here? $MOGO or $OTEX?

Good luck gentlemen…


NOTE: In other news, Stocklabs is near completion and almost ready to the public. It is an all around upgrade to our Flagship premium service, Exodus. My favorite feature is the real time scanner that can be customized and shared within the community. To get a sneak peak at this powerful scanner, make sure to subscribe, and hit the bell, on my Youtube channel for real time streaming alerts:

Have a good weekend all!

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