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Is It Time To Buy GE General Electric?

No, I’m serious, I want to know. Is it time to buy $GE? Vote below:

Is $GE A Buy Here at $12.50/Share?

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Now that you’ve voted in another useless poll and contemplated owning a piece of CNBC, here are some other tickers to watch this week– all of which come from today’s momentum screen inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Despite panic at the open, we had some big breakouts via $VZ & $MCD. With $F & $GE also making the MOMO screen, it seems people┬áran to the old man stocks today, no Ramp. Let’s see if the bulls show up tomorrow, or if the bears have them in a vice grip. Developing….

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  1. juice

    $GE looks good to go … higher that is

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  2. thegametheorist

    I got in around 13.50 for a long term hold

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