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Late Night Note: March Madness Entries Begin Tomorrow

I will be setting up our annual March Madness Stock tournament tomorrow, so get your stock picks ready. Here was the final bracket from last year: CLICK HERE

The official entry post is coming tomorrow. Wait for it….

Below is a look at the past 10 winners, over the last decade. We call this the “iBC Hall of Fame”:

2008 – The Fly

2009 – Wabisabi

2010 – SC

2011 – Chivo

2012 – Zephler

2013 – Rhino

2014 – Adam 

2015 – Andy Swan

2016 – PB

2017  -KY Trader


Entries begin tomorrow. Wait for post…

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  1. moneyteam

    Fucking Rhino….. whatever happened to that meat head lol

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    • Rc

      Lol, rhino was good people. He needs to come back and do a guest blog.

      That was a good tournament in 2013

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      • moneyteam

        Yeah rhino was a good dude,I was hoping maybe my shit talkig would bring him out of the wood work… was he living in the bay area?

        side note- would be cool to see ticker next to each champs name above

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