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A Few Stocks To Watch This Week

Despite the indices basically closing at the lows to start the week, our hybrid screen is loaded down with big movers. In total, the screen produced 163 tickers, you may view the screen in it’s entirety HERE.

The first one I’ll touch on is $CTL. My brother has been calling me for days now telling me this is about as good as it gets as an entry point for one of the premier leaders in Fiber, you also get a nice dividend. This is his space, so I respect his call. The stock has captured the 20 day and looks ripe for a quick bounce to $17.

The next ticker that caught my eye is $DPW, which looks to be one of the leading horses in the bitcoin arena. I mucked up a good trade here, but this one should be an excellent trading vehicle going forward, keep it on your watch list.

$SFIX is another momentum name worth watching, which recently iPO’d, a move above $25 can set this one into the stratosphere. However, the same thing that will make you laugh, will make you cry. Set your stops tight.

The banks continue to perform and litter today’s screen, but look like they may need a breather. $BAC $WFC

The retail plays that have been left for dead are absolutely squeezing short sellers. ie $BBBY, $KSS, ect.

All in all, there are still stocks to buy, however the recent price action in the overall market is a little suspect. Let’s see if the bulls get a turn around Tuesday. Monday’s close was anything but inspiring.

See you guys at the open.

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    RC – thoughts on buying the tech dip going into Christmas? Just looking for a one or two day pop. Maybe NVDA long?

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