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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

It was a week full of digital currency, fresh new highs for the banking sector, and a week ending surge in the VIX. Oil remains hot, and had the biggest jump in score week over week:


As far as individual names, the following names saw the biggest jump in hybrid score week over week. It would be wise to go over the list below this weekend:__

Looking at the weekly chart of the S&P 500, I would say thing are getting a little euphoric. The market continues to defy gravity despite all the noise around. Let’s see if Santa Claus does indeed have more gifts for us. Have a good weekend all!

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  1. it is showtime

    Euphoric would not be accurate. If you look at the intradays, and do actual longterm comparative study, the current level would not be equated with, euphoria. It’s very methodical. And that’s reflected in the nature of the ShillerPe slope as well, showing a jagged rise of a classic technical bubble instead of a more curved bowing one.

    “Defy gravity” “With all the noise”

    There’s no fucking way in hell you could convince me it didn’t occur from CB-proxy, and deepstate programming setups. With the babyboom generation needing to outflow and pull-out money, and the millennial and those stuck in the middle generation not even believing or caring in The Stock Market. Oh! The market defies gravity!

    Please. Embarrassing anyone who states that

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