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A Weekly Look At The US Stock Market

The bulls did a good job on Friday dressing windows to end the third quarter. Both, Technology & Healthcare, lead the way higher on Friday, all while utilities sold off. The bulls need the current leaders, Healthcare & Tech, higher to continue this historic run. Let’s see if they continue as we begin Q4.


On a weekly basis, your industry leaders are found below. It’s hard to get bearish when the semiconductor chips are leading, it’s always a good sign for the bulls. Also, look at the 3D stocks finding their way back on our weekly hybrid screen:


And, for review this weekend, the following names have had the largest move in Hybrid score inside our trading software, Exodus. For those of you confused as to what the hybrid score is CLICK HERE.

Into next week, let’s keep an eye on SOHU, TTD, BABA, WDAY, WYNN, & RENN:

I’ll be back later with some top ranked stocks within our system. Have a good weekend all!

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  1. Jay

    Thanks for the great list RC! Will keep an eye on these heading into this morning’s trading session.

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