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$TSLA Tesla Wants To Take You Anywhere On Earth In Under An Hour

Elon Musk doesn’t just want to take humans to Mars, he wants to use his next spaceship to take them from New York to Los Angeles, in 25 minutes.

Traveling at roughly 18,000 miles an hour at its peak, voyagers could cut trips that take several hours by airline—Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hong Kong to Singapore, New York to Paris—in less time than it takes to get your first drink on a normal flight.

Roughly a half hour from New York to Paris, for the cost of a full-fare economy seat, he says. READ MORE


$TSLA is gapping higher this morning, with a lot of fresh shorts in the name. Keep it on your radar today.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Surely this won’t be done on taxpayer subsidies, right? Just like Tesla is not. Good.

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  2. bushwacker2

    It’s hilarious how every time the “visionary “ Elon Musk comes up with an off the wall idea, the stock gaps up. You can only believe the bullshit for so long before you have to call ‘bullshit’.

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