Fucked For Christmas, Again


I’ve had an awesome run the last few weeks, but tonight it looks like my luck will come to an end. I will be faced with some tough decisions tomorrow as I decide if I am to cut and run, or sit tight a bit longer.

I come into the day 60% long, 10% short through $TZA.

It’s all too early to tell, but I can tell you one thing, those $GOOG options I added today (which expire tomorrow) will sting a bit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been fucked before Christmas. There was one year, I believe 2009, that I traded $GSI two days before Christmas. The setup was there, a beauty. Things were going great, volume was pouring in, the stock closed near the highs of the day, and I decided to hold overnight. The very next day, Christmas eve, the company decides to do a secondary offering, diluting the share price, and the stock is nearly cut in half. Merry Christmas to me.

With so much overnight risk in the world today, I wonder why I don’t just become a day trader.

Mini flash crash on the eve of “The end of the world” 12.20.12


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  1. Not even day trading, 23.5 hours of algorithmic trading. I’m in.

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