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Some of the Strongest Stocks Leading into 12.21.12

With the S&P down 20 in the overnight session, I wanted to take a look at some the strongest stocks leading up to today. I wanted to bookmark this post to serve as a good list of buy the dip candidates, when the time is right of course.

I am not in a hurry to buy anything here, especially with the end of the world upon us. But, if you sense a turn, and I’ve seen stranger things happen, let alone on option expiration day, here are 50 fine candidates, all highly ranked in The PPT, for your dip buying persuasal.


At first glance, HMC and TM pop out at me from the highlighted screen, but we will likely need more blood first, and a lot of it. Good luck trading, and may the force be with you on 12.21.12.

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