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2013 Will Be The Year of The Cajun, Part 2

At this point, I was immersed in the market. I spent every second of free time researching and learning different trading techniques. Not to mention, this was the time when Jim Cramer’s show, Mad Money, was taking off. I’ll admit, I loved the show, in the beginning, I never missed an episode, EVER.

Naturally, I wanted his action alerts, but I was a poor broke college kid with no additional income for a trading service. So I did what any broke college kid would do at the time, search Google.

This is where I found The Fly, aka Broker A.

He used to run a 2nd tier site (he swears it was 1st tier), The Fly on Wall Street. There, this guy named broker A, would post his thoughts on the market, his trades, and cramer’s alerts.

It wasn’t long after that Broker A, aka The Fly, got a cease and desist letter from the man himself, Cramer, and he had to stop posting alerts. But, it didn’t matter. This guy, broker A, his picks were way better. We were trading in and out of things like monster energy drinks, picoP projectors, and banking coin off deacons of death, aka hurricanes.

It was a grand time, a time where I also met Woodsheeder, Jeremy (iBC’s tech guy), and Danny.

We all had third tier blogs at the time, and Broker A would be sure to let us know. There was even a time where The Fly laser beamed my blog, erasing all previous written articles.

It was also a time where wallstreak was the stocktwits of sites, and I met guys like @traderstewie @kunal00 & learned how to trade options with my man @tradingaddicts.

It was a fantastic time, all stocks did were go higher…

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  1. TraderCaddy

    TY for the link to the old site.
    After going there, I realize I should have just quit 5 years ago.
    And btw I see your comment: “Ragin’ Cajun said…
    I feel like I just robbed somebody blind, buying RIMM @ 117.”
    Good thing you are not a long investor.

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  2. Grey Poopon

    Very cool, been looking for more stories like these about how you guys got started, know each other, etc. Good shiz RC oh and GL this year in 2013!

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  3. raul3

    Come on with the come on I want to see part three. I love three.

    ps 2013 is divisible by three.

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