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How Bad Will the Tech Supply Chain Be Damaged by Japan’s Disaster ?

Companies like MaxLinear, DTS, & Rambus get well over 35% of their revenues from Japan. All sorts of companies producing audio visual components, basic electronic components, automotive,  and about 19% of the semiconductor industry get their supplies from Japan.

Lastly 60% of the worlds silicon supply comes from Japan. This will no doubt raise prices across the board and effect margins.

Article on Global Supply Chains

Semiconductor report

Overview on technology hit by Japan’s quake

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Will Japan Have a Banking Crisis ?

Analysis conducted points to banks like 77Bank which lends to 50% of the property market in the hardest hit city Sendai.

According to Warren Buffet this is a super catastrophe. That comment was in relation to FNM & FRE, but it has come about for Japanese banks…

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