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Treasury Bonds Get Dumped With Serious Volume

“It’s been a crazy few weeks in the Treasury bond market.

After a big rally that began in mid-March, amid the outbreak of the Cypriot financial crisis and fears over a slowdown in global growth, Treasuries have given up all of their gains, and bond yields are now rising to the highest levels in over a year.

This morning, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury hit a high of 2.23%.

Naturally, there is a lot of debate over where yields go next. Goldman Sachs, one of the prominent shops calling for higher yields, has published a call saying the sell-off in Treasuries is “for real” this time.

Despite hitting a high of 2.23% earlier, yields have since backed down to 2.15%, and bonds are now positive on the day.

And amid the wild price action, we’re seeing a massive amount of trading in the market…..”

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