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How to Make Money in Santa Ana

“In Santa Ana, real criminals never need fear arrest as police get $ to arrest law-abiding fathers, brothers, sisters, and children who have committed no crime except for failing to have their proof of citizenship. Do you have yours?

In Santa Ana, crime victims are rarely able to obtain assistance from the police when it’s needed. Police routinely ignore bruises, broken windows, and evidence of extreme violence. Policemen laugh as girls report child sexual abuse. Officers watch as elderly victims of torture are carried into ambulances. After the victims are removed, these officers allow violent intruders to occupy their homes. (Orange County case files: 30-2011-00503154-CU-PO-CJC)

Residents have been stunned by the lack of police support for actual crime victims in Santa Ana. But now the puzzle has been solved.

The Santa Ana Police Department is taking payoffs from ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) to pick up law abiding people, fitting a racial profile, who have misplaced their identification or documents. Former Police Chief Paul Walters stated, “We treat [the jail] as a business.” Often these people, mostly Latinos, are legal citizens or residents. Has your driver’s license ever been missing? If so, there could be a cell in Santa Ana for you. But only if you fit the profile.

Roughly two thirds of the nation’s immigrant detainees are being held in local jails. Santa Ana has created two special dormitories for the purpose of housing undocumented residents.

70% of those picked up for the ICE holds have never violated any law. Of the remaining 30%, most of the violations are infractions – like speeding. In exchange for warehousing law-abiding people, the City of Santa Ana receives $87/day under a contract with ICE. It was estimated that payouts had been over $55 million in 2008 and roughly $57 million in 2009. The idea behind the SAPD contract with ICE was to make up for a budget shortfall. Eventually the detainee may be deported – even if he is a U.S. citizen.

Families have been broken up. Children have been orphaned. Neighborhoods have been thrown into tragedy by these racist tactics, reminiscent of the American roundups of Asians during World War II. Here, the incarceration is worse than the re-location of the 1940s. The immigrant detention facilities in Orange County are among the nation’s worst…..”

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