Eccentric Hedge Fund Manager, Jeffrey Gundlach, is Waiting For the Next KABOOM



He says the amount of money investors can make in phase three will dwarf what they can earn now.

“I’m waiting for something to go kaboom,” Gundlach says in his office a week before the L.A. speech. “If phase three takes two years, it’s worth waiting for. The markets don’t have lots of opportunity now.”

Gundlach has a history of making brash pronouncements. At a conference in New York in April, he told a Bloomberg News reporter that he would abolish the 99-year-old Federal Reserve, a position espoused by failed Republican presidential aspirant Ron Paul.

“That’s a very extreme view,” says Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. “Given how the Fed has evolved since the early 1900s, to say we’re going to change all that and start over is absurd.”


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  1. Thanks for this news posting. I have never heard of Gundlach before, but find him interesting after reading this article.

    I didn’t know Gundlach’s fund had outperformed PIMCO’s Total Return Fund. I’ll do some more research into Gundlach’s funds…

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