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BIG SURPRISE: Facebook Has 83 Million Fake Users $FB

via sfgate.com

There may be more than 83 million fake users on Facebook, the giant social network has revealed.

In company filings published this week, it said 8.7% of its 955 million active users might not be real,according to the BBC.com.

Duplicate accounts, people who have an account in addition to a principal account, make up 4.8 percent of the “fake” accounts, as of June 30, 2012.

There are also “user-misclassified accounts” (2.4 percent) — pet accounts or a personal profile for business — and “undesirable accounts” (1.5 percent) that are intended for spamming, etc.

Fake users are a huge concern to Facebook because it generates a majority of its revenue from advertising. BBC.com says Facebook is coming under increased scrutiny over the worth of its advertising model which promotes the gathering of “likes” from users.

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  1. republicat

    This is true, just as there are countless bunk email addresses out there.

    Now that many sites require you to log in with some type of account, many folks are setting up bull FB accounts.

    This way they can post comments or perform activities without associating their real persona.

    And no one with a fake FB account gives a damn about advertising.

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  2. NoBull

    I’d argue that 99% of their users are fake as most people are phonies in social media.

    But yeah, that stat makes sense. Spammers will take whatever medium they can get and trick out profiles to make money somehow.

    It’s expected.

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