Monday, December 5, 2016
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Such Horseshit

Don’t you think I don’t see what’s going on here. This is some bullshit, and I feel the need to call you on it.

You’re just repeating my thesis last year, now that I’m long. Last year, you got high on a message of hope for 2012, and rallied into the final hours of 2011, causing me nasty losses. As I shouted “look at Europe. Look at GDP”, you were like, “NOPE”, and ran through the streets.

So this year, I decide, “hey, I’ll out fox you.” And I get long, completely abandoning everything I believed in, on nothing but the prayer that you all were still the same, short sighted jerks.

Now it all matters, huh? Sure it does. Thanks to this load of crap, my YTD gains are down to 4%, from as high as almost 20%.

Greece voted last night to keep the austerity. Europe will punt again. The dreaded “fiscal cliff” is a bumper sticker. But that’s not what any of this is about.

I have come to realize that the sole driver of this selloff is that it will cause me losses going into the end of the year. This is a curse, placed upon me.

You little faggots had better start getting jovial again, and quick. I demand a Christmas rally. If you could put your head in the sand last year, you’d better get your head back in the sand, and I mean, like, right now.

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  1. The Fly

    the market can drive a man mad.

  2. metalleg

    Fed is now taking its foot off the gas pedal.

  3. raul3

    (Most) stocks have been dog shit since EUR/USD lost 1.3000.

    And it’s falling more as I write.

  4. BottleRocket

    The market should never have rallied at the end of 2011. I was here, reading your posts. I was in full agreement and heavily fucking short going into the New Year. You can imagine how fucked that was. I took some heavy losses and gave up on the short side. I played long the rest of the year until a couple weeks before QE3 was released. The same QE3 I said would never happen. Well it did and how I’m still alive I don’t know but now I’m making money short now and I expect the market to return to Nov 2011 levels where it fucking belongs. You gotta take what the market gives you and stop trying to outsmart it. That’s a lesson I’m still learning. It was an election year and four years from now I won’t be so foolish.

    • e1tan

      the market isnt short at these levels maybe at 1420 u can reenter but should c how it behave and i still believe we havent saw the top for this bull it might be just 1478 but hey that a new high that can fuck a lot of ppl and then fall of a cliff when no1ready for it