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Oh The Horror

Truly, this is no bull market. Today’s epic bloodbath will have no rivals in history. The great minds of Twitter, bless them, were able to foresee this calamity in their grand wisdom. Today, they have saved us all a great deal of money, by lighting up the feed in a fit of madness, lasting approximately from the hours of eleven to one.

As we move into the final hour of trading, I see that the losses are just mounting.

Why, my AEC position is only up one and a half percent. CCJ can barely maintain its scream higher into the close. And the rest of my portfolio is only trying to close flat.

Commodities are flagging this as a deflationary environment, no contestation.

Spanish and Italian debt is in the immediate process of tearing apart a civilization, and American yields are only higher than they’ve been since August.

This has all the marks of the end of an era. Should none of us wake up tomorrow, I would be forced to tell you, “I told you so.”

God save the Queen.

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  1. panamaorange

    The most important level in market is QQQ 65.05 . That is the 200 day SMA on daily chart. And it marks bottom of large potential bullish descending wedge.

    So, if we close above it for just a few days, bears will start to lose their nerve.

    Even if it breaks, the bears would still need to kill that large bullish descending wedge. I dont think they can, if this is the best they can do after lousy AMZN GOOG and AAPL earnings. Not much left in the way of scare stories to unveil

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  2. Mr. Cain Thaler

    Ah shit futures bleeding out. Looks like we might go lower.

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