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I Sat Out the Rally


Whilst a great many out there enjoyed ribald and perverted returns, with the likes of $NVDA and $SMCI ripping the tits off bears, I traded exactly flat. If you think about it, what greater achievement is there but to trade precisely flat. Sure, many can make and lose a bundle — but can you trade FLAT when it counts?

I do not care to have missed out on the rally since I almost always miss out on the COLLAPSES. I am fully long into tomorrow in an array of cool stocks, wanting to fit in with the hipsters buying the tape here. It should be noted, I disdain the market with my entire lifeforce but acquiesce to the melodies of the tape out of sheer survival instincts, especially since I am not an idiot.

That being said, it’s entirely possible markets pull back tomorrow and I get bogged down, mired with losses. But I doubt it. As a point in fact, I’d bet my entire life we trade up tomorrow, if given the chance.

I offer you zero explanations as to why I am bullish, as I am not in any way obligated to provide you with anything. I am informing you of obvious truths. If you’re unable to discern or extract value from my missives, I strongly recommend you seek psychiatric counseling immediately and have your head looked after, for it might be damaged in some way.

Good day.

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  1. rigged game

    On Oct 13, 2022, I told you peasants to go ALL-IN LONG into stocks and bonds,
    and HOLD YOUR POSITIONS TILL year 2024. I told you all to buy QQQ which
    was at 16, and TLT. I GUARANTEED at least a 10% gain for you.

    I am now telling you to SELL THE QQQ holdings TODAY Feb 23 at around 60.
    You have made at least 300% on the QQQ’s. Hold that money in cash and
    collect 4% a year. Keep your TLT.

    I make a call once every 2 to 4 years, and I am NEVER WRONG.

    Take that to the bank.

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