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I bet you thought I was done going higher when I reported earlier I had made a little more than 2%. You’d be wrong to bet against me then and you’d be wrong to bet against me now.

I preside over you with the skulls of my enemies in tow — +318bps for the session — thrusting me back into the green for the month of December.

My strategic holdings account, which is designed for longer term ideas, ebbed higher against by 69bps — lifting gains for the month of 5.5%.

I am fixed to go higher — permanently bullish — fully long with cash reserves of 25%. Just one day ago I had been imposed upon by markets, downtrodden and ridiculed with scorn for having missed out on all of the deals. But now you see, and it’s as clear as the moon landing was a fake — The Fly is everlasting in his winship. The very fact that I was down should’ve made you run into the Stocklabs chatroom to see what I would do next — because I don’t ever fucking lose and when things seems to be going poorly for me — BAM — I come back with a vengeance and sever all of the stupid heads bobbing in my way.

Year to date, my gains stand at 56% — providing me with a 3 year average return of 112%.

Have a pleasant weekend, catamites.

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