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Bitcoin Has Immediate 50% Upside Potential

Good evening Sirs —

I just got back from cleaning an empty apartment from which my eldest son just moved out from. As I cleaned the toilet bowl and reflected on my life, I thought about Bitcoin and how great it was. With every spray of Clorox into the bowl and subsequent mist wafting into my face — I said to myself amidst the din of the bathroom fan — “you need to buy more.”

And so I shall.

For those unfamiliar with my track recourd — it’s mixed. When Bitcoin first established itself in the investment lexicon, I defecated on it — mocked and derided it as it crossed $100 for the first time. If you searched the archives of this blog, you will find me mocking it all the way until $10,000. And then I had a serious discussion with someone who managed serious money and he convinced me that it was real.

Back in 2020, I started a big position in $ETH and bought some every month for over a year and ended up buying as low as $120. Here was my first post on it. I ended up selling the $ETH as I bought it month by month in 2022 for a gain in excess of 1,700%. Essentially, I turned a small sum into a million plus. Many of you absolute FUCK HEADS followed me into this trade and got rich expressly due to my conviction trade and then CANCELED Stocklabs like ingrates later on. I remember all of you and will hunt you down like dogs in the after life to roast your faces into the fires.

At any rate, I entered back int cryptos earlier in the year in the mid $25,000’s and stand before you +75% from my original investment — but I think it has immediate upside back to RECOURD highs of high $60,000 based upon numerous factors, one of which is rooted in the idea that risk is inexorably on and the plebs are back at it making coin in the shitcoins again.

It is, without a doubt, happening again.

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