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Risk is Indelibly On

I took the morning off after slam dunking the sports ball into the hoop. I stand before you stoic, a statue of excellence +227bps. I am in a 100% cash position for my trading, as I gaze at meme stocks jerking higher. It is a RISK ON environ and if you got caught short, you have only yourselves to blame. I did warn you.

Look here pal.

My portfolio is empty, just like your head. Do I get tired of doing this, boasting about my exploits after so many years doing this? Absolutely not. This is like my first day blogging, demonstrating my YTD returns of +55% against the backdrop of your refusal to accept your own stupidity.

DO NOT WORRY — things can still turn around for you. The fastest way to do that is to delegate, attach to me like a small chum fish on a white shark. I never lose and when I do lose it’s mostly on purpose just to feel something.

At any rate, I ought to head back to the olde coal mines again to jerk out another 50bps from this market. Or, perhaps I’ll take another 100bps. It all depends on how I feel and how much I want to make.

See you fuckers at the close.

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