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The Long Term Case for Stocks: Your Dollars Are Trash

When I speak to retards about this subject — they always sight the dollar index against other fiat currencies and saying something weird like “King Dollar.” If you’re familiar with Einstein’s insane theory of relativity you can apply the price of the shit dollar to the price of the shit euro, throw them in front of two speeding trains, and then flush it all into one great big giant toilet bowl.

Like you, I’ve been making money since 2000 and like you I’ve been harangued by the cost of shit going up constantly, save televisions and cheap clothes, while at the same time told “MUHH the dollar is strong.”


Some stats for your review, from 2000 to present

Dollar Index: FLAT

Average hourly wages are +75%

Average home prices are +162%

Producer Price Index +111%

Gasoline +202%

Health Insurance +230%

College Tuition: +117%

S&P 500: +388%

NASDAQ: +83%

GOLD +254%

Dow Jones +68%

I hope you understand and realize markets had rebounded off the 2002 lows and crashed again in 2008-2009, destroying people in the process. We recovered in 2009 and have been up every year save 2. The markets truly soared under the Trump administration an we’ve been led to believe the NASDAQ is where money should be allocated — thanks to the domination of 7 large tera cap stocks.

But over a longer time frame, as you can see from the statistics above, the $SPY has been the single best place to invest and save yourselves from the scourge of the rapidly depreciating dollar.

The media will have you believe we are in fact “blessed” by the dollar — but this of course isn’t true. If you’re comparing the dollar versus failed civilizations, then yes we are blessed. But America has always been a financial power and our currency has been something of a marvel since the early 1900s. But do not believe for a moment that the dichotomy between wages and the price of everything else is copacetic.

When people refer to the plight of middle class Americans — this is what they’re talking about. If you’ve been smart enough to invest your money and hedge against the decreasing buying power of your money — great. Many government workers and people with pensions have benefited from the rise of markets and it’s good they have that. Could you imagine if markets had not soared since 2000 but was instead flat? Those people would be screwed.

This leads me to a point I’ve made for decades writing on this blog. We might hate the markets now because it is an avatar for a corrupt regime of tyrannical manifestations not seen since Marxist scum swept the planet decades ago. However, it is the only thing we have left here and they will always find a way to support it until the very end. We often say “it’s over” but it’s never really over and as long as these fuckers are breathing — they’ll concoct new schemes and methods to support this system.


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    Indeud. Gold for the win Alex…

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    Stocks are the inflation hedge when the going gets tough. Ownership in a going concern making products that are needed. Very old man but works.

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