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Listen to me —

I tried to give markets the benefit of the doubt. I closed out shorts on large red candles — placed 1% stops on longs — allocated into risk averse sub 1 beta stocks and closed the session down just 6bps.

It’s over

The NASDAQ was shell-shocked for -200 and all of the fancy bulls in their ornate pantaloons shit themselves, tripping over their LGBTQ Ukrainian flags and into alligator pits to be eaten whole.

I will tell you this now — this close was extremely ominous. As such, and my right to do so, I executed short sales into the close. Consider myself a permanent bear — always on the look out to slaughter bulls where they sit. If I find you sleeping, I will blow your brains out with my harpoon (in Minecraft of course). I do not mean to incite violence against bulls. Some of my best friends are bulls. I love those guys. But that does’t mean I want you to live.

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