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Catching My Sea Legs in this New Bull Market

My first and second inclination is to sell short, mostly because I am a permanent bear. The good news is — I am aware of this malady and take measures to fight against my inner bear. It’s fun to pretend, after all — so here I am a bull now sashaying throughout the markets — rooting for NATO and the FOMC and all of the wonderful power structures that make up our lizard government.

At times, I catch myself reverting back into the bear cave, selling short into an upward tape. But I soon correct myself.

I did a pastiche of trades today — but ended up where I am now which is +110bps with 115% long. My intention is to pare down to 100% long, unless of course there is something rally cool to trade which happens almost all the time.

My AI thesis is popping today, with SSTK and AI leading the fray. The only “AI” stocks I am long now are UPST and LMND.

BOTTOM LINE: Since I am such a good person, the Gods have bestowed monetary gifts upon me — showering me with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions. It’ll take some time to get used to this NEW BULL MARKET; but rest assured I am wholly adept at conforming with upward surging tapes and will make the best of it.

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