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Doing Fine Now

All of the Chinese Burritos are running HOT AS FUCK this morning following a week of collapse. They’ve all fallen 66.6% and now they’re bouncing. I took this opportune to ingratiate myself with money and now stand before you +165bps. I am not boasting, since I got ass-hammered yesterday. I am merely stating facts.

Facts are, I am a GIGANTIC pussy now, 90% cash, gazing into the market through yellow lenses. I’d step in for some more action, if it weren’t for the indelible fact this MARKET FUCKING SUCKS. There, I said it. It’s rotten and no god damned good. You can bore yourselves to death or plunge lower in momo stocks — up to you entirely.

I like my chances sniping some more Chi-com trades and think I’ll do that. More later.

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