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Goldman Upgrades $MU; “The Fly” Wins Again

I bought MU on Friday afternoon while driving around like a fool in my car. Everyday I buy 1 stock for an overnight hold. The way it works is, I buy the stock lower and then sell it higher the next day. Those are the rules and no matter how much I might like the stock, I am forced to sell. For those of you bellyaching about churn and selling great stocks like MU, quit your fucking blabbering. Those are the rules.

This morning I sold MU for a 2.07% overnight hold. No big deal. On Friday, I sold CRWD for a +17% overnight hold. Before that, I traded APRN for +10.5% intra-day hold. And NUGT for +3.8%. I can go on and on. Really, not a big deal. This is my job. You know how some people go to work and pick up trash or tell funny jokes in front of live audiences? Well my job is to buy stocks lower and then sell them higher. The shorter the time period the better. This is what puts the caviar on thew table.

Should you be jealous of Le Fly for making this look so easy?

Answer: Yes, but you can mitigate that jealously by swimming along with him — like the chum fish next to great white sharks, by joining Exodus and shadowing his every move.

Is there more stock picks like this coming, an annualized +523% winner like MU?

Answer: You can bet your fucking balls there are.

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