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Forge Ahead Young Man — Stocks Are Rich With Value

Today was a brief stop along the runaway locomotive which is bound to crash into a cave filled with bears — killing them all dead. I expect a resumption of the bull rally to parlay into your brokerage account starting tomorrow, lasting for another week or so, until the great retest of the 2018 market crash is upon us.

When it happens, you’ll be so scared, I gather you’ll soil yourselves ridiculous.

I sold two stocks, both for egregious sized losses, only saved by their small position size. I am 15% cash and I couldn’t get myself to buy Chinese lottery stocks today, in spite really wanting to.

I have a strong and powerful mind for this sort of market, a wonderful blend of shocking behavior and wanton gambling, mingled in with a little irrational mood swings. I’ve done very well this year, much better than you and everyone that you know, probably combined. When I used to manage money, on days like this I’d simply waste the day box watching, chatting with clients all day, talking about nonsense. Now I do the same shit, but on Exodus where I teach people what they need to be told and so on and so forth.

Time to head out now.


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