Sunday, December 4, 2016
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Some of my meaningful positions are getting hit hard today, namely USG and WNC. This is post earnings “sell on the news” action. Both companies reported solid earnings, but not enough of a surprise to keep the momentum going.

Does that mean the stocks are done going higher?

Absolutely not.

Hot money bought the stocks for a pop and when they didn’t get it, they sold. The core fundamentals are still there, which is why USG is my second largest position. Keep in mind, before you know it, the summer months will be here and the warm, balmy winds of black Africa will produce hurricanes of revenge and scornful death, delivered by way of Poseidon to kill the descendents of slave traders– inside of their lavish trailered homes.

When it occurs, I reckon people will sashay over to their local Lowes to pick up some wallboard. At that time, “The Fly” will be smoking cigars, clad in something made from linen, drinking something with rum in it, ordering his slaves to fetch another cucumber sandwich, else be whipped with hot slices of pizza (no plantation).

I am down 1.3% for the day, erasing yesterday’s wins. RS is ripping; but the position is so infinitesimally small, I am almost embarrassed for having it.


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  1. dk

    Luv your optimism. But pegging hopes to fundamentals in this market can result in a self-inflicted bitch-slapping.

  2. Juice

    I hear Obama is gonna drone-strike entire neighborhoods to stimulate the housing market even further.

  3. wtf!

    Is RS a euphemism for penis size? (Just kidding Le Fly, I couldn’t resist; please don’t ban me)

  4. wtf!

    I meant “penis” not “penis size” but you get the idea. (and once again I am so sorry)

  5. Ohthe BOMB

    Pig Lips Bartiromo wonders why corporate executives still are using E-Mail, which will exist forever in cyber space.

    I’ll clue you in, pig Lips: May these executives think the activities they are corresponding about are HONEST!

  6. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    The summer months are already here, that is if you live out West.

  7. stack

    I like when things “sashay”