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Good thoughts and massive amounts of positive energy are currently being directed toward MAXIMUS and his family.

In his absence, I have been asked by the good folks here at iBC to serve as his replacement.  As is my custom, I plan to do so with honor and will give it my best to do an admirable job.

Without a doubt, 2012 was my shittiest year as a trader/investor (since I started in 2002).  Unfortunately, this stark reality has led me to reevaluate my strategy.  Often, we need the taste horrendous defeat in order to learn more about our weaknesses and how to best combat them in the future.

As I have (painfully) discovered in 2012, my weakness lies in the options market.  I gained a false sense of confidence through making my 2011 by successfully trading options in August and September.

In 2012, I have repeatedly been gouged by taking on positions that I should have just let be (or traded the underlying).  Therefore, in 2013, the number one change to my strategy is simple (in practice): NO OPTIONS.  Ever.  While the allure of making 500% on a weekly options trade is strong, I WILL NOT get sucked into that vortex in 2013.

Going forward into 2013, I am going to use this forum to run a model $1million portfolio (which will mirror what I’m doing in my actual portfolio).  My performance goal will be simple (well, simply stated): a 2% monthly return.  I will delve much deeper into ‘what to expect’ in an upcoming post.

Follow along and enjoy the ride (or mock me, if that is your thing).

Comments always welcome.

My best to you all.


6 Responses to “Interim-Interim Blogger”

  1. Yes indeed positive energy to the MAXIMUS family. Congrats again and I look forward to your postings.

  2. Looking forward to seeing some good work from you bub

  3. Hi Eliza, looking forward to your posts

  4. Glad to see you in EM but on unfortunate news in regards to Maximus and I hope iBC readers ares till sending their prayers and well wishes.

    You have contributed good content in the BN and I look forward to it as well as an interim blogger.

    Also well done on looking back discovering and adjusting your plan. May be worth it to adjust the approach to options but then again that is me as I prefer them over anything else. Looking forward to future posts.

    • Thanks…I am going to use my energy here as a tribute to him, his family and his little guy. It’s the least I can do.

      Options are my kryptonite. Way too little experience and way too much greed is a bad combination in the stock market. From now on I will stick to what I know.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

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