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Bitcoin To Bust Loose Over the Long Weekend?

It’s an interesting proposition. All of those days till Monday and people sloshing around with their money and nothing to do. Why not buy a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin? It’s easy to do and it goes up often.

I am long $BTC-$SOL and will keep those positions intact until I foresee a crescendo top — a waterfall of cantankerous propositions coming down on the proletariat to steal all of their coins. Unlike yours, my coins can never be stolen.

As for markets, I opened up down 60bps, so I closed the screen and didn’t bother to think about the market until after 11am and then found myself, much to my delight, +40bps. I have since sold everything, bought some $BITX and $SQQQ for the afternoon drift.

I have been trading defensively for weeks now, as I am risk averse and do not like to lose money. My gains are approaching 5% for the month, +14% for the year. My quant, which is allocated monthly, is +11% YTD and my best ideas long term strategy is +10.7%.

Sirs — I am a professional, never tricked or fooled, always on a prowl in search of meat — hunting till dusk by chasing about the weak.

More later.

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