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Stock Pickers Tape

Today’s runners include: $ALAB, $CDLX, $CENX,$CIFR, $CLSK, $MSTR, $COIN, $DWAC, $GME, $MU, $RDDT, $SMCI, $EGY

Notice any trends? If not, you’re retarded. Mostly, today is about $BTC soaring mixed in with some big risk on plays, chiefly amongst AI and meme stocks. The overall health of the tape is mid — nothing to get excited about. I remain hedged with a 22% position in $TZA and I am about flat for the session. The one day I did not buy $BITX and it soars to the fucking moon. That’s the market. Sometimes you get lucky and other times you’re cursed.

Into the close, I could see the tape unraveling, since we’re held together by retarded stocks at the moment.

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