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I really hate to have to do it — but it’s better it be me than them. I will personally skin alive the shorts and then toss them into open vats of fire, pure fire, in order to purify them before they go to heaven. I am sure the bears will go to heaven — because they mean well and only want the corrupt and the transgendered bulls to be punished with the force of the earth and the seas.

I angrily closed +46bps, after a brief unfortunate sojourn with the fucking moon, vis a vie $LUNR. I lost some money in it on a trade and it capstoned my returns for the session — forcing me to claw my way back up to a sowmewhat respectable gain. I have just 10% cash into tomorrow and I bought $LUNR back — because fuck the moon and all of the rovers attempting to ride on top of it. ALL ROVERS henceforth will be capsized and tipped over by invisible hands or ghosts. HOWEVER, I will make money in this fucking $LUNR tomorrow.

Everything else is pleasant. My health is very fine and my mood is most excellent.

Good day.

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