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By the looks of the indices, you’d think today was a moribund day, with the Dow off by 150, S&P flat and NASDAQ barely up. But beneath the veneer of a subtle tape is risk of a ribald nature — all taking place in smaller capped piece of shit stocks.

Inside Stocklabs, the pennies are +1.5%, whilst the tera caps are flat. The chasm has finally favored the smalls and this is bringing out all of the degenerates to swing from their branches again, naked and with bananas in tow, in search for more bananas.

Heavily shorted stocks are +4.3%, followed by life sciences +3% and overall High Beta stocks are leading the way +2.5%.

I am being cautious, +42bps with a hedged portfolios. My hedges are short semis and the NASDAQ against some small capped stocks. In my experience, the final salvo of all rallies occurs during risk on of this nature. That doesn’t mean the rally will end today but it’s going to end soon.

You just sit there and watch!

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