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The Fate of Western Finance as We Know it Lies in the Balance

Do not worry about “The Fly” on days like this. I comported myself with both panache and precision, limiting my losses to just 12bps — mowing into the close with a rather large position in volatility to hedge against potentialities. I am speaking of course of the $NVDA earnings announcement, which if bad will crack this market asunder — unseen since the days when $AAPL reigned supreme.

We all assume $NVDA will crush. But the question we need answers to is will it be enough and will the guidance be good? Since the stock is down 9% in the past week, one might assume a better than expected result will jimmy up the stock back to recourd highs.

I am simply not in a position to make accurate predictions, as I no longer trade on or possess insider information. It’s just me out there in the wilderness, a la Fresca, using the tools available to me, alongside God given talents, to absolutely annihilate markets.

In a worst case scenario, I think my volatility hedge will be enough to offset my longs. I will need to take a position of boldness soon, as trading for flat is somewhat moribund. However, I will do so when I am ready and not on your terms — even if you’re a god damned customer. You are not entitled to anything and will get what you deserve.

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  1. txchick57

    you were standing before us with +9bps a few hours ago and now you’re limiting losses? That’s panache and precision? LOL

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