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Closed the Month +5.4%

Good Sirs —

I have an appointment and cannot stay long. I only post this now to inform you that I performed at the very top of quartiles amidst the cadre of professional managers of coin in America — for the month of January. I closed the session +12bps and +544bps for the month, 50% long into the deleterious close without any hedges.

I am not assuaged by the bears today because the bond market says “fuck you.” I halfway expect a large spike in markets tomorrow. I say half because my convictions are low in just about everything but shares of $RUM. By summer, I envision $RUM north of $15.

At any rate, if you lost month for January — you have only yourselves to blame. There are men are here, specifically me, who are well equipped, both intellectually and emotionally, to deal with the horrors and the pangs of latter stage Pax Americana.

All of my trades are broadcasted live inside Stocklabs. Feel free to mirror me and quit being such pathetic losers.

Good day.

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  1. txchick57

    We did 1200 bps. Hold my beer.

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